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Moon Park Beach Trail & Frankenbike

Yesterday, Saturday April, 20 was a day of fix up, catch up and prep. We thought about taking a bike ride from Moon Park down to the beach, but decided instead to fix Tired Guy's bike before making the trip. The Tired Guy Bike The one thing you have to have … [Read more...]

Coins and Cups

Yogurt Cups I mentioned on Friday a stop at the Yogurt shop. This too is a tradition. There are these coupons, and our family loves coupons. These coupons give you the first three ounces of yogurt plus toppings for free after that it is 35 cents an ounce. … [Read more...]

Posies and Anteaters

Day two was a very interesting day here on the UCI campus. It started out with a drive through the campus to take Suzi to her lab. She wes involved in a "Revisit" day for potential med students. Ordinarily she would ride her bike to the lab, but today needed a … [Read more...]

On the Road Again – Day 1

Road Trip to Irvine According to my helpful Foursquare check-in updater it has been since September 2012 since I was in Irvine.  Well it didn't put it that way actually.  It said it had been since September 2o12 since I was at McDonalds in El Centro, and The … [Read more...]

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