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On the Road Again – Day 1

Road Trip to Irvine

Wind Turbines Ocotilla CaliforniaAccording to my helpful Foursquare check-in updater it has been since September 2012 since I was in Irvine.  Well it didn’t put it that way actually.  It said it had been since September 2o12 since I was at McDonalds in El Centro, and The Golden Nugget Casino, and Dana Point Mcdonalds etc.  You get the idea, so it has been since September I was here and that is tooo long.

We have a Winner

The trip takes about 8 hrs. including a couple of short stops to win money at the Golden Nugget (Yes, I win) Not the kind of win where you put $40 in and Win $10  (net loss of $30)  No the kind of win where you put $30 in and walk out with $42.  Hey, twelve bucks is twelve bucks.

The biggest thing that has changed since I was here last September was the addition of over 100 wind turbines in Ocotillo, CA.  These new turbines have a very slick new design.

As I write this, we have just finished watching Wreck it Ralph.  Now it is past my bedtime.  So Day One draws to a close.

Tomorrow holds new adventures and photos.

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