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After Much Consternation

I'm writing a this as a testimonial to a word that has fallen in usage and should be restored to it's full glory and usage. There are so many good words that we don't use anymore.  I won't go into the dumbing down of the education system or society.  Heck, … [Read more...]

New Year’s Day 2012

Spent the day in short's sandals and a T shirt.  What a beautiful day in every way.  I'm writing this on the back patio as the sun is getting ready to set.  The grass is green (two shades of green actually) and the air is still and quiet. The temp is in the … [Read more...]

The Button in the Urinal

The lease was up on the two cups of coffee I had while reading the morning paper. I headed into the restroom at the Oro Valley McDonalds.  They are using the water less urinals which is a good thing in the desert. I looked down and noticed a button … [Read more...]

Are They Really Dumb Bunnies ?

I spent this past weekend visiting my daughter Suzi at UC Irvine. She lives in that building at the top of the photo. Visitor parking is down where I'm taking the shot. When we go places we walk down the grassy slope to the car.  Early Sunday morning we … [Read more...]

So Do You Think the Markets Are Reacting ?

Tired Guy Rant The phrase "Congress Fiddles While the Economy Burn" has been coming to my mind a lot lately.  I've been a Reagan Republican since I was old enough to have any money to send to a political party.  That didn't happen for a long time.  I was … [Read more...]

The 5th of July 2011

It's a bit muggy in the Old Pueblo this morning.  The fireworks yesterday were provided for free, at least the ones in the sky that I liked to see and hear.  The first big monsoon storm rolled into town.  I quipped, "Wouldn't it be funny if the fireworks for … [Read more...]

Dogs Pools & Life Jackets

A Dog's Life in The Desert We stopped by Pet Smart in Oro Valley the other day to pick up some cat food for the one end and a new litter scoop for what comes out the other. While cats might be considered neater than dogs being the one who cleans the … [Read more...]

Skip Day

Skip Day is something I never really thought about or believed in till it became a reality in my life. I don't know the origins of Skip Day nor the first time I heard about.  In short, when we are young and get hurt in some way, muscles, scrapes, cuts, etc.  … [Read more...]

Code Name Cupcake

There was a big brew ha ha over the code name "Geronimo" for Asama bin Laden. It has to be touch to pick a code name that doesn't offend someone. So I'm thinking we should offend the person with the code name. Personally, I think Geronimo was a perfect … [Read more...]

The Ides of March 2011

Oh, my, Et tu Brute.  I feel like I'm being betrayed by time. Daylights savings time that is. It came to most of the country on Sunday, but not to Arizona.  We have so much time on our hands that we don't want to make our days any longer than they already … [Read more...]

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