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About Tucson Tired

I started this journey toward being tired in Tucson over 3 score ago. (that’s 60 years for those that don’t know what a score is).  Now the journey has brought me to Tucson.  Actually, it brought me here a decade ago.

I’m hearing all the time that 60 is the new 40.  I think some 20 year old came up with it as an advertising slogan to sell “Boomers” something.

It is my intent to share the journey together with those willing to take the time to read and reflect.  Maybe our paths have already crossed.  Maybe they have yet to meet.  Maybe we will share a story together here.

A tapestry of threads from life journeys woven together and shared here.  This is my goal.  My desire for this place for our random thoughts and life observations.

If you wander in here and have found a smile or a memory then it will be worth the effort.

Feel free to share, question, expand on the thoughts and observations made here.

I hope my kids will find this place filled with good memories, smiles, laughter and a dash of wisdom.

I don’t ever plan (or count) on retiring.  I figure each day will take care of itself and at that it will be a good tired we can share at the end of the day.