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Moon Park Beach Trail & Frankenbike

Yesterday, Saturday April, 20 was a day of fix up, catch up and prep. We thought about taking a bike ride from Moon Park down to the beach, but decided instead to fix Tired Guy’s bike before making the trip.

The Tired Guy Bike

FrankenBikeAtHuntingtonBeachThe one thing you have to have in California, especially on campus, is a bike rack and some kind of saddle bags.  Frankenbike lacked screw holes in the rear frame which required a special kind of rack which we were able to order from a place in Des Moines, IA.

Last September when I was here I had a trip to Des Moines scheduled for October so figured I’d just pick up the rack when I was there.  Short story, that didn’t happen.  Since Frankenbike sat in the garage all winter (I had no lock for it so it was start at home and end at home, boring)  Since I knew I was bringing Frankenbike back to his “Creator” for a visit I had Justan order the rack so it would be here when I got here.  We added the rack to the back, after our first ride to Berkley Dogs and Yogurt shop on Friday.  I now also have a U lock which came from the “Lock Larder”.  Monday we will head to the bike shop with a coupon to pick up two saddlebags which fold out to carry one grocery bag each.

Oh, My Aching Neck

I mentioned the other day my head being cocked back at such an angle to look around that it is totally uncomfortable to ride looking anywhere beyond 2 feet in front.  Which meant I could see the front tire and get a 10th of a second notice of any bumps or holes in the road.  Looking at the tired guy on the bike it was decided to add another piece to Frankenbike.  We couldn’t get this from a “series” bike shop as they would laugh us out the door, so we had to find something better than Walmart (which wouldn’t carry what we needed) we needed a place that wouldn’t simply shame us out the door if we asked for (a handle bar extender).

We had an “Every man” or woman or person, you get the idea, shop next to a Dick’s Sporting Goods (another place that wouldn’t have what we needed.)  After inquiring from the staff about the part we got a hasty, “Nope, we don’t have one”  To which Justan simply waited till the “Helpful” sales person had left and then he found it.  $30 for a six inch extension;  pricey, but when you need six more inches 🙂

Moon Park to Huntington Beach

MoonParkThis afternoon we headed for Moon Park to take it for a spin. I borrowed a bag for the ride.  Took along my camera wrapped in my long sleeve shirt for protection and cradled it in the bag.

There was a pretty stiff head wind the whole way to the beach.  When I was able to pass the lady walking the two dogs it felt like progress.  Passing the guy with the cane proved to be troublesome but I did pull even with him once.

When we got to the beach, (there was need of minor adjustments along the way, seat height and moved it back) I walked Frankenbike down to the beach itself and took the picture above with him all decked out.

The handlebar extender worked great and for some reason I’m almost convinced I might be able to ride this thing after all.  The trip home was much, much faster with the wind at our backs.  It took 1/4 the time to get back to the park as it did to get to the beach.  I’m sure it was the wind at our backs and not the thought of beer waiting at home.  Yes, it was the wind.

Once home it was into the kitchen to whip up some stuffed peppers and throw down a few beers while watching another three episodes of Firefly.

Frankenbike is resting and I’m about to do the same.  Tomorrow holds new adventures for us both.

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