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Posies and Anteaters

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Day two was a very interesting day here on the UCI campus. It started out with a drive through the campus to take Suzi to her lab. She wes involved in a “Revisit” day for potential med students. Ordinarily she would ride her bike to the lab, but today needed a special touch so off we went to the lab.

There are two things about the campus that I really love.

The landscaping is wonderful

Everywhere you look there are flowers, flowering plants and shrubs.  Roses are everywhere and there is no lack of color in any way around campus.  The whole places feels like a botanical garden without all the little placards.

The Architecture is amazing

There are common themes that run through out the campus.  Lots of glass, sweeping curves are arches appear every where. I would say the guy that came up with the new arch design for Mcdonalds must have been familiar with the campus here at Irvine.

Because it was “Revisit” day the inflatable anteater was brought out and blown up as a marker for where there was food and as a photo op location for those attending the days events.

The big guy was in need of a bath and a quick repair with duct tape on his tail needed a more permanent (and color matching) fix.  But being a dirty inflatable anteater didn’t quell any ones desire to have their photo snapped with his long snout in the background.

The Bike and my Butt

When I was here in September I bought a bike that Justan had built from parts, Frankenbike is what I call it.  (It is a term of endearment).  I’ve always said “No bike seat will ever fit my butt”.  And I was right, they don’t but my butt is learning to get along with this one.

I took it home in September, rode it around the block twice and parked it for the winter and spring and if I hadn’t brought it along with me for the summer as well.  After a few adjustments and air added to the tires we were off to Berkley Dogs for lunch and a quick visit to the Yogurt shop.  Getting there is pretty much all down hill so it gives me time to acclimate once again to seeing the world with me head cocked back at an angle it would only take after an auto accident.

The Movie

It is tradition to watch a movie every night.  Wreck It Ralph was the first night and Hotel Transylvania was the fare last night with pizza and beer for the Friday night food fest.

All in all it was a great day.

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