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Why My Chair ?

My Office Chair

Stay Off !!!

The dang cats have the whole house to roam around in, well almost, we don’t let them in the bedrooms. But the rest of the place is there’s to enjoy.  They have their beds, they trade off sleeping in them.  I don’t know if there’s a schedule or just king of the hill approach to who get’s which bed.

That should be enough; but it isn’t, for some reason they have both decided that the best place to take a nap is in my chair.

That is the one place I don’t want them taking a nap.  I don’t want them sitting in my chair, I don’t want them jumping on my chair, and most of all I don’t want them tearing up the arms and seat of my chair (which they tend to do when they are in my chair)

They can sit in the tub, they can sit on the toilet, they can nap in the kitchen sink if they want.  But just stay off my chair.

Energy Efficient Seat Warmer

But, I don’t want a warm seat.  I know a lot of women want that feature for their seat.  They want to have nice warm buns in the winter.  But I’ve never heard any guy say that a seat warmer was a feature they liked used or wanted.

Maybe it is an anatomical difference, maybe its genetic, I don’t know, but I do know that when I come into the office and sit in my chair I like it cold and refreshing.  No guy likes a warm beer, they want it cold and refreshing, that’s how I want my chair.

Therefore, kitty cats, get the plastic bag on top of the chair when I leave the office.

Our Cat

"But Dave, it makes the chair too hot. . ."

Exactly my point.

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