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When Dead Isn’t Dead

Night tree

A little life flowing yet in the darkness

Monday was travel day.  It started with a short drive from Irvine to Dana Point down the coastal highway.  It was raining and cloudy.  The coastline was socked in but the weather to us desert dwellers was like a refreshing shower.

At Dana Point we stopped at . . .  Of course McDonalds for breakfast.  The hashbrowns and muffins there are the best we have ever tasted.  And we (meaning me) have eaten thousands of them over the years.  These were great.

Then it was on the I-5 to near San Diego where I have my personal shortcut to get around traffic in SD.  Once through there it was I-8 all the way to I-10 with only gas stops between us and home.

We stopped at Exit 30 for gas, when suddenly the car wouldn’t start.  It had been turning over slowly for a couple of days, but that is common for the humidity laden air of Irvine to have that effect on my desert Tracker.

But now it was Dead.  We asked inside for jumper cables, and one kind man lived a couple of miles from the station and went home and got his cables.  It took only a couple of minutes to get them hooked up and the Tracker started.

A full tank of gas and 180 miles to go, no stopping, no shutting off the engine till in the garage.

The heat takes its toll on batteries and it has been one HOT summer.   So Dead isn’t Dead when you can jump it back to life long enough to get home and give it a proper buriel (or in this case redeem it at Costco for a replacement).  It was under warranty, my third in seven years.

Today, with a new battery the Tracker is running like a top, (no not in circles).  Now all I have to fix is the ceiling fan that stopped working before we left and my left hearing aid that quit working on Sunday.

Hearing from just the right side has it’s advantages and disadvantages.  I prefer to hear from both sides, stereo is always better.

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