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Verizon 4G Disappearing in Tucson

A few months back (May 22) I got the new Droid Razr Maxx from Verizon. The 4G “was” great. At home, Starbucks at Rudasill, Dove Mountain, most places I went I had good 4G 4 bars service. Then, in late June, early July I started noticing the 4G was disappearing. Now at home I am barely getting 3G 2 bars. Starbucks 3G etc. etc. This past week at Starbucks I was comparing notes with several other Verizon users of both Razr and other phones, we were all experiencing the same thing. Verizon’s 4G networks seems to be disappearing all over Tucson.

So what’s up Verizon?

Anyone else noticing the disappearing Verizon 4G network around Tucson?


  1. I just got the new iphone 5 at verizon and have yet to find 4G service in north Tucson/Casas Adobes area.

  2. Don’t hold this to me, but the major cellular carriers in Tucson specifically AT&T and Verizon may have switched from finished service fiber to dark fiber. It should theoretically provide the same quality; fiber for fiber. It started last year 2013 and will continue through the next couple years as they make the changes. In steady of getting a finished internet product to backhaul voice and data. They will be using the dark fiber and installing their own equipment to make their own network instead of purchasing space elsewhere. Since 2008, they have been using an extremely strong carrier in the Tucson market because they discontinued backing the towers with DSL, cable, and other copper carriers.

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