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Tucson Winter Garden Drip System

Tucson Winter Garden

The Green Garden

I like automatic. There’s enough hand watering to do with all the plants on the back patio. I don’t need to be running a hose over the lawn everyday to water the garden. Therefore, I’m extending the existing drip system to form a circle around the outer edge of the garden where I’ll add a series of 180 sprinkler heads which I’ll direct at the various plant beds on the garden.

I know from time to time I’ll do a deep soak with the garden hose; that I can handle. This way I won’t have to be dragging the hose back and forth over the lawn to the garden, which would stop happening after a few days. This means I would just leave it out there all the time, then I’d have this groove in the grass and have to move the hose every time I needed to mow the grass.

If I don’t get the hose in the exact same spot it would make another groove and I’d not be happy. So I make it so I won’t need that hose more than once a week for a deep watering.

The garden is actually two gardens, one in each end of the  back yard.  In the photo above is the NE garden protected by the house and spa on the patio.  It has lettuce, Arugula, and Spinach.  I call it the “Greens” garden.


  1. This was the best buy for me this summer. I purchased the Garden Hose Snap at and kept the garden hose elevated above the grass. I purchased an automatic watering timer and used it with an 8 pack of Hose Snaps. I watered my lawn and garden for 4 weeks while I was away on vacation. I returned to a perfect lawn! I love it.

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