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Tucson Rain Pools

Fountain in Tucson

Listen to the rhytem of the falling rain

We don’t get a lot of rain in Tucson. About 12 inches in a year is what we can expect. Today is the “official” start of the 2010 Monsoon Season in Tucson.

During Monsoon we get lots of rain, thunder, storms, and flash floods.  At night the Colorado river toads come out and the wildlife in the desert transforms along with the arrival of moisture.

I like to drive the roads late at night after a big storm and see what is out and about in the night.

The Rest of the Time

The rest of the time, if we want to hear the sound of rain we have to seek out one of these “Rain Pools” placed around Tucson.  There is something really soothing about the sound of dripping water.  Unless you have to drip some water yourself.  Then it can be . . .

Should I have left that last sentence off . . .

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