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Tucson Green Garlic

Green Garlic

About Ready for Second Cutting

The middle of March we were standing in the checkout line at Sprouts Farmer’s Market. As is often the case, the “little woman” (she knows that’s a term of endearment) was looking for interesting recipes in the magazines. She’s a very fast reader and can almost smell a good recipe coming from page 56 even before she opens the cover.

Green Garlic Spaghetti

On the way to the car I hear, “Where can we buy green garlic?”

I chuckled as I opened her door (yeah, I do that, always have). There was enough time while I walked around and got in for her to be wondering what was so funny about buying green garlic.

“Honey, I don’t think you can buy green garlic, at least not in Tucson”

“So how do we get some? I found a recipe for green garlic spaghetti and I want to make it.”

“Give me about a month and I’ll get you some.”

“Why a month?”

“Because, It will take me that long to grow it.”

Growing Green Garlic

When we got home I put a bulb of garlic in a small dish with some rocks in the bottom and water. I kept it watered for a week, then I checked the bottom of the bulb, roots. Yeah, roots coming out like spider legs. I put it in a pot with a little soil over it and in another week there were little green shoots coming out of every clove in the bulb. Well, time passed and the garlic grew, and grew, and grew, and I kept hinting at that spaghetti.

Time continued to passed and so did the garlic. It grew till it turned white, went limp and I cut it off.

But that’s not the end of the story. No, I did it again. I could tell about the fourth week that it might not happen, so I started another bulb. This time I planted it in the flower bed by the back patio.  It took about three weeks to be a foot tall.  I cut the tops off and put them in a baggie in the fridge.

Before I did that, I took the tops for her to smell, fresh cut.  That did it.  The next night (last Saturday, by the way) we had green garlic spaghetti.  Oh, was it good.

The garlic just keeps growing.  It grows about 2 inches a day.  I’m pretty sure by tomorrow I’ll be able to harvest enough for more green garlic spaghetti this weekend.

P.S.  I’ve started another bulb growing.

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