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To Tuck or Un-Tuck

Life can be confusing for a tired guy in Tucson.  Let me explain . . .

Guy with shirt tucked in

Nocturnal Tucker caught on digital film

Grandma: “tuck your shirt in, you’re not a bum”

It was an on going theme with my maternal grandmother (that’s my mom’s mom for those that don’t know the term maternal).  Between, “David, tuck your shirt in you’re not a bum”, and “Don’t pick your nose, blow it, that’s what a tissue is for”.  I spent my life around grandma in hiding.

The lesson of tucking ones shirt in as a mark of social status was embedded deep in my 10 year old psyche.  Little did I realize how this bit of socially acceptable behavior would in years to come become a fashion fopaux.

Present Day” “Don’t tuck your shirt in you look like an OLD MAN!”

It is true,  from socially not being a bum, to fashion fopaux in less than 50 years.  See what I mean about it being tough.  I’m at an awkward age.  Who would have thought that being a second wave boomer could be so difficult.  It makes me tired.


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