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Time and Tucson Time

Time is an interesting concept. We measure it different ways. Even people in the same society right down to the same household we can find people that measure time differently.

For example in my family growing up we measured time in minutes with an acceptability standard. If we were going some place with a time to. Be there 9 am. We were “on time” if we we’re there 5 minutes before 9. But be there at 9 and we were “late”.

Contrast that to this:

“We are supposed to be there by 5 pm.  What time should we leave?”

“In enough time to get there by 5.”

Oh. Hum.  Okay.

Tucson Time

I was reminded this weekend about the use of “manyana”.  In some Spanish speaking cultures it means “tomorrow” or “tomorrow morning”; here in Tucson it means “not today”.

I’m going to be at Krispy Kreme in Oro Valley this morning.  If you are in town drop by.

What time will I be there?  In time to get a doughnut and coffee.

This Tucson time thing can really work, kinda. But if you aren’t retired and only tired in Tucson.  I wouldn’t use it too often.

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