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Three Score and One


Three Score One

Yes, Another year has passed.  Time flies on wings of ever accelerating destiny.

Does it bother me that I’m another year older?

I know for some people their birthday is a big deal.  First when they are young because of the parties and presents.  Then when they are “older” it’s a big deal because they want to forget the day all together, but people keep making a fuss over them.

For me it’s fun.  I like my birthday.  June 23 is a nice day.  A good number.  1950 was a good year.  I’ve always said God had been very gracious to those of us mathematically challenged by letting us be born on years that end in zeros.

Do you ever feel bad about getting older?

No, I don’t the person I think about on my birthday is my Dad.  Why?

Because holy kow he has a kid that’s 61.  Now that can be a little depressing.

But it’s okay, because he doesn’t have time to be depressed, he’s to busy living every day on the wings of accelerated destiny.  Way to go Dad!

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