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The Romantic and the Cynic

Older Couple Walking on Pier

Wonderful Grace

Two people can see the same thing and interpret what they see in very different ways.

I was walking on the pier at Huntington Beach earlier this month when I came up behind this couple.  Without raising my camera I guessed on the shot and snapped while I walked.

As I continued to follow them I couldn’t help but think about this couple and what others were thinking about them as they passed.

The Romantic

They have spent their entire lives together, they have raised their family and are still as much in love today as they were the first time they said “I Love You.”

They met early in life but lived separate lives, raised separate families and lost touch;  then years later they met again.   They rekindled the flames of youth and are happy to be together at last.  Happiness and love have no age restrictions.  Their love is obvious in the way they walk, gently hold hands  and share their thoughts on a beautiful fall day.

The Cynic

You’re kidding, right!  They aren’t holding hands, they’re holding each other up.  They don’t really like each other, their just to old to do anything about it.  They walk on the pier because their medications give them so much gas that after they eat they have to walk on the pier to keep from smelling up the house and blowing each other up.

“Don’t walk so damn fast Harold.”

“Geez, Milly that was a bad one, I’m just trying to stay up wind of you.”

“Well, you don’t have anything to talk about you old fart.”

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