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The Minnows Will Eat You Alive

She Scored a Penguin

We walked into McDonald’s this morning and within 30 seconds I know it was one of “THOSE” days. The line was long, everyone behind the counter was running around like they were on board the Titanic and the ship was sinking quickly.

The manager was on the phone, three people were pointing at a screen trying to figure out what orders went where and there were trays sitting on the counter with drinks but no food.

There was a woman shaking her head as she waited for a manager to correct an error in her order and give her back change.

Cars were pulling over at the drive-thru meaning it wasn’t drive-thru anymore. More orders gone astray.

We placed our order and proceeded to the play room. Things were on the way to order from chaos when we opened the pancakes and found scrambled eggs and a biscuit. Back to the counter to exchange. The manager was coping.

Once the happy meal was opened the toy inside was one our girl with the bear in a stroller already had in her collection. I suggested we wait to inquire about another exchange till we had eaten and it was time to leave. Hoping the situation on board ship had corrected itself and the cruise to smooth meal delivery had returned.

Alas, the ship was riding lower in the water than when we had arrived. The lines were longer, coffee cups were lined up like passengers awaiting a life boat and all the coffee pots were empty. Impatient customers were doing a slow (and not so slow) burn waiting, waiting, waiting, when up to the counter, unaware of the disaster into which she was wading went our girl, toy in hand for an exchange.

I’ll hand it to the crew, even amidst the bailing and chaos an exchange was negotiated and we made an orderly retreat to the world outside. Our Minnow had emerged from the may lay victorious.

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