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The Grass is in the Ground

Well, at least it is on the ground and under a bit of soil.

Grass In The Ground

Green Green Grass of Home

It has been almost 2 weeks since I was sowing bermuda grass.  Now there is a slight green haze appearing in the midst of the mottled dirt.  At first I thought it was only growing where the topper was the thickest, but it turns out it is just easier to see against the dark background.

In 6 weeks I’m supposed to have grass over 2 inches tall and in another 4 weeks after that I’ll need to buy a lawn mower and some weedkiller.  Turns out the weeds are growing much faster than the grass.  I’m removing (pulling) some of the ones that are like a T-rex in the lawn.  The rest I’ll wait and see if the fame of bermuda choking everything else out is myth or fact.

I’ve probably been in Tucson too long.  I say that because I’m sure I’ve forgotten how much I really have never liked mowing the grass.  Especially in Iowa.

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