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The Dappled Sunlight

I read in the “Arizona Daily Star” Bonnie Henry’s  “I’m back but I’m not really here” column yesterday.  She has spent her summer of retirement in the White Mountains.

She used this phrase in the column:

The dappled sunlight of the forest floor

dappled sunlight on a forest floor

The dappled sunlight of the forest floor

I smiled. There are certain words which don’t get to be used often when writing in the desert. Another way of saying this, our vocabulary often exceed the environment in which a writer applies their trade.

Now I’m not much of a writer, more a poor man’s story teller.  But there are words that roll of the tongue which are fun; word play so tot speak.  I wrote about Verdant Tucson once and one of my friends told me they spit coffee when they read the word verdant next to Tucson.

So it brought a smile to my face to read Bonnie’s article and see that she was able to use the words dappled and forest floor in the same sentence.  It had to be fun.  I wonder if she chuckled to herself as she wrote that sentence.

I know if it were me, I would.

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