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The Button in the Urinal

The lease was up on the two cups of coffee I had while reading the morning paper.

Button in Urinal

Oh, Great! Now What? . . .

I headed into the restroom at the Oro Valley McDonalds.  They are using the water less urinals which is a good thing in the desert.

I looked down and noticed a button in the urinal and that made me laugh out loud.

The urinal was very clean so I took out my phone and grabbed this shot.

 The Dilemma

Why would I laugh?  Well, think about it.  First reaction . . . “I’m not picking that up”

Second thought, (depending on where the button came from) “Crap, how am I going to keep my short’s up”

The guy is scrambling to cover up the missing button.  “I’ll just leave my shirt out and cover it all up”

Later that day

“Honey, do you know where the missing button is from your shorts?”

“There’s a button missing?”


  1. Ha ha!!

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