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The 5th of July 2011

Fireworks Zion Indiana

Image by Chris Schweiger

It’s a bit muggy in the Old Pueblo this morning.  The fireworks yesterday were provided for free, at least the ones in the sky that I liked to see and hear.  The first big monsoon storm rolled into town.  I quipped, “Wouldn’t it be funny if the fireworks for tonight were rained out”.

This morning I’m at Starbucks instead of Mcds.  I went to Mcds in Oro Valley but couldn’t get to the place.  The paving sealing company had all the entrances blocked to the shopping area, including Mcds.  So  I headed up Oracle to Rudasill and Starbucks.

It’s a weird morning.  Be careful out there everyone.  Something isn’t “normal”, maybe it is the higher humidity or the ions set off in the atmosphere from the lightening yesterday.  Whatever it is today is weird.

Fireworks the Big Draw

I asked about this whole off kilter thing as I got my coffee and they said it was because everyone was out late watching fireworks.  Oh, I guess that makes some kind of sense.  I don’t watch fireworks on the 4th of July. I know that sounds like some kind of heresy, but it’s true.  I’ve never gone out to see them on the 4th of July.

It’s not that I don’t like fireworks, I do, kinda, but what I don’t like is the heat, the insects, the sweat dripping down off my head and back to watch some colored lights in the sky.  Besides that my ingrained genetic depression era sense of economics says why in the world would we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on fireworks when there is so much need around us.  (And that’s been my feeling long before the recession of 2009)

So this morning, I’ve updated the days over 100 degrees to 28 with 14 in a row.  I’m also hoping we will get more rain this week.  The grass and flowers really appreciate what we got yesterday.

My Favorite Place to Watch Fireworks

Okay, my favorite place to watch fireworks is Epcot center at Christmas.  They are wonderful, I paid for them, and It’s cold outside.  Wrapped in a thermal space tin foil blanket with a cup of hot coffee sitting on the shore of the lake is the best.  The fireworks are right overhead, the music and lights that go with it are nothing short of amazing.

Yep, I’m spoiled, and I really don’t like to bake in the heat after dark.

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