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sun just went down here – it went quietly tonight


Yep, another day wraps up in the desert

The past three weeks have add a capitol T to the Tired Guy.  It has been non-stop since early July, but the capper for the summer has been what we call the “Triathlon” around here.

First was a local realtor expo at the Tucson Convention Center.  A booth for a wild west theme was required.  Build, painted (per my son Josh) (tired guy in the making).  carted down, setup, taken down, carted home, it’s in the garage (bay 3)

Next up the Move of the sister.  Two ten foot covered trailer loads from her home to a third floor apartment.  Oh, yeah, third floor; at least there wasn’t a piano.

Final leg, a Women’s counsel of realtors Dessert Auction known this year as “A Martini Affair” at Desert diamond casino (the one by the airport not the one down I-19).

The next night was the bonus round.  Watching three very active Grand kids (they are a long way from tired) then driving home for Arizona city at 1 am. in the morning.

Oh, did I mention as I was anticipating a restful weekend and excited about time for my garden and back yard, I got a cold. . .   didn’t think I mentioned that.

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