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Some Thoughts on Poop

If it smells like a rose

This morning I was refilling the master bath supply of toilet paper. There was an aroma coming from the little room. It was the smell of vanilla and cinnamon. It came from the current can that sits on the tank. While I was filling the shelf with paper it got me to thinking. Maybe a zen moment with the clarity of having ones olfactory senses stimulated then numbed. Did poop always smell bad? Was there a time before the fall in the garden on Eden (whether you believe in the Garden of Eden or not, or the fall for that matter, just go with it), when poop didn’t smell “bad”?

Is the smell of poop something that reminds us daily (hopefully) that not everything in life is pleasant, nice, beautiful, etc. That there are things we have to “take care of” no matter who we are.  You get the idea.

I grew up in rural Ohio, and in those “formative” years the bathroom was outside and you didn’t flush, you sprinkled. There was a bag of lime in the corner (but no corn cobs, that was before my time) and once done, you took the cup and sprinkled lime to keep down the flies and the smell.

Why Two Seats in an Outhouse ?

In those days the outhouse was always a two seater. I don’t know why? But I don’t think I ever saw an outhouse with only one whole (seat) The fancy outhouse had a seat screwed over the whole, but there were always two of them. I can’t imagine ever an indoor bathroom where there are side by side toilets. But in those days it wasn’t uncommon at all for two people to be in the outhouse at the same time. Now I’m not advocating we go back to communal pooping. It is just an observation. 

When someone says to you today “Have a good one”  just smile and think happy thoughts.


  1. I never knew this about you Dad. Hmm. Funny how poop can bring child and parent together. Ha Ha.

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