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So Do You Think the Markets Are Reacting ?

Tired Guy Rant

Stock Market Graph

Hum, is there a message in there?

The phrase “Congress Fiddles While the Economy Burn” has been coming to my mind a lot lately.  I’ve been a Reagan Republican since I was old enough to have any money to send to a political party.  That didn’t happen for a long time.  I was too busy making sure my family had a roof and food.  Yeah, that’s called sacrifice.

Since those Reagan days I’ve not been happy with either party or their politics.

“To Hell with the Country, my getting elected is far more important than the country.”

Some say, “You can’t run a country like a business”, maybe not. Others say, “Our family has to live within its means why doesn’t the government?”  Good question, one proviso, companies and individuals can’t print their own money, well they can print it, but they can’t spend it.

Maybe this whole process is a good one.  Maybe it is time our leaders didn’t just pass a vote to raise the debt ceiling and go on our merry way of spending more than we are taking in.  I don’t think the debt ceiling will ever be raised again easily or without it being a remarkably painful process.

Oh, and to the Speaker of the House, You sure as hell don’t speak for me when you say, “I’m against raising taxes.”  Getting rid of loopholes for Corporate Jets, or the Oil Industry is just fine with me.  And if I need to pay more to help provide a safe and prosperous country for my children and grandchildren I’ll do it willingly. (Okay, not willingly, but I’ll do it.)

And don’t give me that line of “You can send money to the government anytime you want”  That is total BS and we all know it.

You see, my parents not only instilled the ideal of “Sacrifice” but demonstrated it daily in how they provided for us.  I know about Sacrifice for family, I’ve been on the receiving end of that Sacrifice and I’ve been on the giving end as well.

The interesting thing is no matter how much money or time I’ve “sacrificed”. I’ve got enough money and my time hasn’t run out yet. But my patience are mighty thin.

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