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Sky Harbor is a Great Name

Flying Free in Sky Harbor

The pilot in the old bi-plane greeted me again just now as did the aroma of Starbucks coffee as we walked into the terminal to once again send off our Golden Gopher to head back to her lab job for the summer.

We don’t get to pick our name.  It is chosen for us and most of us keep it, even if we don’t like it.  But places are a different situation.  I don’t know who came up with the name Sky Harbor for the airport here at Phoenix but I like it.  Being in the middle of the desert about the only harbor would be one in the sky.  Lots of “ships” arriving and departing every day.

Arrivals are the best, lots of joy, smiles, anticipation of a visit that everyone know will be over far to quickly.  (Yes, there are exceptions . . .)  But like stepping onto one of those auto walk ways in the terminal that quickly whisk you from one place to another in hyper time, the visit comes it’s end.  Time once again slows and it is time for . . .

Departures are marked by packing and those late night chats and lots of things unsaid and the trip to the airport not mentioned.  The pre-departure routine of packing and repacking done.  The hefting of the luggage in one hand and 40 pounds of cat litter in the other to compare weight.  Yep, it is lighter than the kitty liter.

The checking of said bag and walk to the security check point.  Finally, that dreaded time has arrived once again.  Hugs, the really hard kind, tears, more hugs, more tears then a quick turn and they are gone through to . . .  a turn of the head and a last smile goodbye as a tear is wiped from the cheaks of both who’s eyes meet one last time till they see each other again.

Sky Harbor, it says, “you are safe, all will be well, we will get you to your destination and back again for future visits and safe passage through our harbor.

It’s a great name.

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