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Skip Day

bruises on leg


Skip Day is something I never really thought about or believed in till it became a reality in my life.
I don’t know the origins of Skip Day nor the first time I heard about.  In short, when we are young and get hurt in some way, muscles, scrapes, cuts, etc.  They really show up the next day.  Remember?

Then somewhere between 45 and 50 I noticed the next day wasn’t as bad as I remembered when I was younger.  However, the next day, holy kow, I could hardly get out of bed some days.

I mentioned this one time when I was moving kind of slow and how odd it was that I was fine the day before but today . . .  The guy laughed and said, “Oh, you’ve got Skip day.”

And so it goes.  At least I know what’s happening.  So now, I make the most out of that next day of not feeling too bad and get as much done as possible.  Might as well compound the effects on Skip day.  It is now the day I try and read or write or do something not too physical.  Like counting how many new sprouts of grass I see in the backyard; maybe count the new yellow blooms on the tomato plants. . .

You get the idea.

Have you made your acquaintance with Skip Day?  Are you willing to admit it?


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