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Should Coins Be Not Round

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

No I don’t know who said it. (No I’m not interested in who said it, but go ahead and share it if you want)

When they say it is all downhill from here, it’s a metaphor. The older I get the faster the days go rushing by. But that doesn’t mean it is downhill; far from it, it seems like many things are getting harder every day.

I was in my early teens when I saw Art Linkletter talking about his age. He said,

I’m at the age that when I bend over to pick something up off the floor I ask myself if there’s anything else down here I need before I stand back up.”

Now I’m probably older than he was when it said it. And I am asking myself that question often.

When I’m scooping my change up to put in my pocket I sometimes drop a dime on the floor. I could just leave it there, but instead I drop a quarter next to it.

Why? Because I’m not bending over for dime.

A little Tired Guy Humor

That would be a call for a drum roll and rim shot if it weren’t true. If there is just one dime dropped I add another on the floor. However, that is a rare occasion as I often have at least two to four coins that escape during a coin scoop. Maybe I should ask the government to stop making them round.

Not round is a good way of leaving the topic open for options. The government like options.

We have had a few Not Round coins, that were Close to Round which haven’t done very well in circulation. I don’t think it has been the shape at issue, more like the face on the coin. It seems coins (and bills for that matter) are masculine in nature. Guys are on most forms of currency in this country, when we try for the softer side of the gender map the currency tends to be a flop.

I like dollar coins, but handing over a Susan B Anthony simply doesn’t seem to be right. Go Figure, I don’t know why, maybe a tired guy issue, if so there are a lot more tired guys and girls out there than just me.

Back to Coins Not Round

Therefore, I don’t think coins not being round would be an issue as long as we don’t put feminine features or names to be associated with the coins.

A Martha Washington Dollar bill with Martha in a bonnet on it . . . nope.

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