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Shade, Wonderful Shade

backyard no shade

How it looks today

I’ve been working over a year on the backyard and patio. The patio is 99% done, the grass in growing, the solar lights are solaring and the tomatoes are growing in the corner of the yard.


I took this shot a little after 7 pm. The wall behind is providing evening shade as is the large tree our neighbors have to the Northwest of us. However, during most of the day the sun beats down on the patio and backyard without mercy.

About a month ago I put a lattice over the tomatoes in the far end of the yard. it has provided enough shade to keep them alive even during these first 7 100+ degree days we have had so far.

This got me to thinking, rather than a patio umbrella which shades a very small area and has to be put down in high wind days, why not put up shade sails.

Phoenix 18.5 Triangle Shade Sails

Shade Sail box

Mow it, shade it

I found them on (of course) but they were out of stock. I checked back everyday for a week. Finally, last Thursday (June 9) they were back in stock. I figure I need three to do what I have in mind, but ordered 4. They were scheduled to arrive between the 15th and 20th. But my tracking number this morning said they were “Out for Delivery”.


We usually get our UPS drops around 6 pm. I expect today to be no different. So I’m writing this second post of the day while I wait for “Santa in the Brown Truck” to show up.

They arrived as I was writing this post. (that was yesterday afternoon) I’ve got the first one opened up and will try and work when I can in the heat to get the first one up and shading. The first of a project is always the most time consuming. I’ve got to get a few steel brackets for the fascia boards as reinforcement against the strong Tucson winds that blow though our backyard.

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