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Shade Sailing Isn’t A Breeze

Shade Sailing

Not as easy as it looks in the picture

Especially if there is a breeze, even worse if there is a wind. That’s what I’ve been battling for the past couple of days and I have the blisters to prove it.

It takes time and a lot of effort to get these sails up and aligned. But I still think the shade is going to be worth the effort.

First thing to do.  READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.  I have preached this for years.  All my kids have heard it over and over again through the years.  They would all tell you that would be what I’d say.  It is important.  There is a wealth of valid information in that single sheet of information.

I’ve attached to the fascia of the house after reenforcing with metal brackets behind the studs where I attached the rings.  Figuring out where to place the first two hooks then the third on the wall at the back of the yard.  I’ve tried where ever possible to attach to one of the pilasters for strength.

Still a work in Progress

I’ve put all but one of these up at least three times.  I took one down today that was putting shade in an area I don’t need it.  I wish I had more places to anchor to the West of the house as the afternoon-evening sun is a such an angle I can’t block all of the patio unless I put a big post from which to anchor the third point out in the yard.

I bought 4 sails, 3 are installed, I’m still debating where to install the third.  It might be down in the corner of the yard where the tomatoes are waving their leaves and saying “Yes, shade down here Please”

Of course it was only 105 yesterday; I worked through out the day taking a couple of hydration and heat breaks to allow the ole bod to . . .  you know.

The Shade Scene Shifts

If you are thinking about putting these up you need to realize that shade moves in the opposite direction of the sun.  So if you want morning shade you need to put those shades to the East and over the area to be shaded.  If it is the West, the opposite is true.

Most of my three shades are over the patio giving shade throughout most of the day.  The early morning sun is welcomed by the plants.  The late afternoon sun is the hottest and driest of the day.  Making the effects of that late day sun on the patio and plants as minimal as possible is the goal of sun shades for us.


  1. Hello Tired Guy : ) Was searching shade sails and came across your shade sail article. Just curious what brand of shade ails you bought? Thanks! P.S. I like your website.

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