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Round 2 The Rabbit and the Gate

Round 2 to Me

Last fall in anticipation of putting in the grass in the backyard I had my son make a new side yard gate.  Strong, wide, as wide as the opening to the backyard.  Then I laid a walk of pavers up to the gate and put gravel around and under the gate to fill up any space that might be interpreted as “an invitation”.

Well, two weeks ago, just as the grass was beginning to get a good start, I found a rabbit site up under the tomatoes.  I knew the only entrance had to be the gate.  Did I leave it open?  No, a quick inspection revealed he had burrowed through the gravel and under the gate.

I replace the gravel and added a paver where he had dug under the gate.  The next morning, he had dug around the paver.  So I buried an entire line of pavers under ground the entire width of the gate.  The next day there were signs he had tried to dig his way under in 4 or 5 locations, but he didn’t get in.  Victory!

But Wait There’s More

The next day, early in the morning we were in the backyard and had left the cats out of the house to see their reaction to the grass.  While we were talking around the corner came a rabbit at full gate.  He had been found by Oliver and was running for all he was worth.  He ran smack dab into Cloe, she took a swipe at him (not because she is a predator but because the rabbit forgot his manners and was running right past her).  She tagged him as if to say “You’re IT”.

He ran to the wall and tried to scale a 6 foot wall.  I’ll give it to him he made it 5.5 feet up that wall before falling back to the ground, by the third try he decided to make a run past the gauntlet.  He almost made it when Oliver turned him back to the far side of the yard.

The rabbit now took refuge for a few seconds behind one of our flower plants at the far West end of the yard (He didn’t take time for a snack)  I was upon him in a few seconds and I do believe I’m even scarier than the cats.  I growled at him to “GET OUT”.

He ran back as fast as possible to the far end and around the corner where the gate is located to the backyard.

Silence, we walked down to the gate.  He had tunneled under the blocks through the gravel, about 8 inches of digging to get in, it looked like he threw gravel everywhere as he made his way back through that exit.

I should have gone in and gotten my camera, but I was still rather furious that he had gotten in after three days of being denied entry to his grass covered paradise.

I replaced everything, and added a second layer of pavers beneath the ground and made it two layers wide as well on both sides of the walkway.  But, it appears he got the message.  Not a single pebble of gravel has been moved in the last week.  I’ve spotted him outside the gate most mornings this week;  when he sees me, he runs the other way.

I’ve become Mr. McGregor, I wonder if his name is Peter?


I wrote this three days ago but decided to wait to publish till today.  This morning I went out to water and HE’S BACK.  I guess rabbits have a short memory as well.  (Why did I stop going in there?)

rabbits attempt to get under gate by digging


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