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Rainy Day Memories

bike rider in the rain

Waiting and not minding it at all

I was up early this morning enjoying the rain.  The smell in the air isn’t of creosote (which isn’t a bad smell) it is of fall leaves.  A familiar smell, which brings back many wonderful memories.

Off to fill the tank as sprinkles began, then to redbox to return “Killers” (which is funny and we watched together on the couch with the 14 inch laptop as our screen (no surround sound).  It was a fun evening.

After that it was across the parking lot to Starbucks for my morning Vente Pike, room for cream, before returning.  As I pulled into the parking lot a bold shower erupted.  It was a single cloud saying “Howdy Desert Dweller, need some rain?”

I sat in the car listening to the rain drops hit the roof.  It reminded me of many a childhood rainy day as the rain drops hit the tin roof of our shed back home.  And the afternoons when relatives would be over; we would take down the lawn chairs from their hooks in the garage and sit under the overhang and watch it rain.

No need for TV, video games, computers, cell phones, just quiet conversations and the rain.

The lone rider went up the street on his bike.  I took out my Driod, snapped the image, cropped it with the built in software and sent it by email to myself and a copy to Facebook at the same time. Done and ready for this post, technology at my fingertips.

The shower slowed to a sprinkle and I walked back to the apartment, coffee in hand, that fresh smell of rain in the air filling my lungs and adding a spring to my refreshed step and soul.

The sun is out now.  The day is progressing and that beach I mentioned yesterday is calling again.  I wonder what those early days would have been like with all this technology.

Is it an either or, or a both and?

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