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Rabbit Resistant Plants in Tucson

Oh Look a flower . . .

Rabbits, rabbits and more rabbits.

There are a lot of rabbits in Tucson. You probably didn’t know that unless you live here. It is easy to spot up to 3 or 4 DOZEN rabbits on a typical morning walk.

Dumb Bunnies

Rabbits will eat everything except Rabbit poop.  It is difficult to find flowers that rabbits will not turn into a salad.  I’ve bought a lot of “rabbit resistant flowers.  Most aren’t.  But one that has shown great promise are those in the photo above.

Sacrificial Lamb (flower)

After several  years of very expensive rabbit salads being planted in the front yard I’ve struck upon the sacrificial flower approach.  I plant one out front in plain site for the rabbits to feast upon (if they so choose).  If it is eaten to the ground by then next morning they go in the back yard planters.  That is where most have ended up.

But recently I had a lamb (flower) go three days without being touched.  I brought out the rest of the flat and planted them around the palm tree where the marigolds had surrendered to the heat.

All was well for a week then one morning I noticed one of the flowers wasn’t eaten but it had been bitten in two.  The next day the same and the next and the next.  It turns out there is a new, young, dumb bunny in town.  He has short memory syndrome.  He forgets each morning that those flowers are bitter.

“Oh, look a flower . . .  bite . . .  spit . . .  yuk . . .”  Oh look a flower . . .


  1. Rachel Graham says

    Perfect visual of the bunny. My kids are like that sometimes 🙂

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