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New Year’s Day 2012

back yard on new years day 2012

new year's day 2012

Spent the day in short’s sandals and a T shirt.  What a beautiful day in every way.  I’m writing this on the back patio as the sun is getting ready to set.  The grass is green (two shades of green actually) and the air is still and quiet.

The temp is in the high 70’s.  The year is off to a great start.

Happy New Year – Welcome 2012

Here is wishing both of the readers of this Tired Guy Chronicle a Great 2012 and a bright future for many years to come.

The Mayan Calendar

Personally, I don’t think they predicted the end of the world.  I think that was the biggest stone they could find and ran out of room.  Somewhere in tiny script (the important stuff is always in tiny script) there is probably a line saying something like:

“To be continued . . .”

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