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My Sister Had to Replace her Skateboard Wheels

Empty highway

Perfect for a Tow

Dad said the other day that my sister had to replace all the wheels on her skateboard. I didn’t even know my sister had a skateboard, let alone that she had worn out a complete set of wheels using it.

When he first said it I thought I heard him wrong.

“Debbie, has a skateboard?”
“Yeah, she wore out the wheels and bearings and had to get all new ones.”

I have this mental picture of her zooming around the park walking the dog (I don’t know if that is a skateboard move or not). while on her skateboard.

Turns out most of the time it is from a tow rope.

Are you kidding me, a tow rope?  Nope, not kdding, her husband has a motorized wheelchair and when they go around the park where they live she attaches a rope and rides along on her skateboard.

Ah, now I get it.  I wanted to get a picture of her on the thing, but that wasn’t going to happen.  So I leave you to create your own mental image.

Did I mention my sister is almost 60 years old? Didn’t think so. Don’t tell her I told anyone how old she is.

Did I mention her name? Didn’t think so. Because I still want to keep being tired in Tucson I’m not going to either.

You spotted that reference to “Debbie” above didn’t you.  That’s not her real name.  It is like her Dear Abby name.


  1. Rachel Graham says

    Bad Dad. My kids thought that was so cool when we were there in December. Nathan saw it behind the door and said, “YOU have a skateboard?”

  2. Dear Abby Debbie is pretty amazing if she can even balance on a skateboard, not matter how old she is!

    • Dave In Tucson says

      She can and she does, and her name, I’ll call her “Debbie” is pretty amazing.

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