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Men Make Little Noises?

Men Make Noises

I was told recently by a member of the other side of the gene pool that men make noises when they are tired of waiting.  I didn’t know that.  I must have missed school that day or was late getting back from the playground when we had that lesson.

It appears from what my friend said there are a series of noises which indicate varying degrees of impatience or “let’s move along dear” sounds.  Some are little grunts, and she didn’t go into detail of what others might be.

I checked on Amazon to see if I could order a “Set of Noises Men Make When Tired of Waiting” but nothing was returned in the search results.

This has left me for my entire life using alternatives.

  • I bring a book or magazine to read
  • I find a seat or bench in the store
  • I find a place up front by the door and count the tile or ceiling squares
  • I wait to see how many people leave the store before “We” are ready to leave the store
  • I count how many people go through the security thingy before someone sets off the alarm and doesn’t quite know what to do.  Some Freeze, some go back with bags open, some ignore it like someone’s car alarm just went off.

I never thought of making noises, low, guttural or otherwise.

After a life time of alternatives I don’t know if I could adjust to the noise making routines.  Especially if I was already using an alternative.  Just sitting on a bench in the mall making noises might be construed as something else especially if they were grunting sounds, low or otherwise.

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