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McMillions Time Again

Yep,  It’s Monopoly at Mcdonalds 2011

McMillion Calories Time Again

I was expecting this to start on Tue. Sept. 27th as the place mat above indicates.   But when I meet my Dad and sister at Mcdonalds on Monday Sept. 26th the game pieces were already out and on our Hashbrowns. (I won a medium fry 🙂

Thus begins the McMillion Calorie count period till October 24th.  That spot you see on the W for win is hashbrown grease.  Lot’s of it.  Hot grease and hashbrowns go together.  I’ve had hashbrown every morning this week.  Three days in a row I was a winner; Medium Fry, Mcflurry, and some sweet dessert thing.

Now the process of finding the perfect meal to grab the most amount of stickers in a meal and keep the calorie count under 120o and the check under $10.

Doing so makes for an interesting strategy to survive till October 24th and NOT PUT ON TOO MUCH WEIGHT.  How much is too much?

Well we don’t have a scale in our house, the weight watch method of choice is the notch method.  If I have to let out the belt a single notch . . .  then I have to get the notch back without breaking buttons before I can continue collecting.

So we are off and running.

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