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Mapping Google Maps

Well I wasn’t really mapping Google Maps.  What I was doing was waiting on a street in Laguna Beach last summer while the girls were shopping.  While waiting I noticed the Google Street view car coming down the street so I took out my phone and got ready to snap a picture as it went by.

Luck was on my site (That’s what I’m calling the 3 way stop) which I knew would bring him to a dead stop right in front of me.

I got a fun picture to share with the girls when they came out of the shop.  I didn’t think much of it till I ran across that photo a week or so ago.  I came up to UC Irvine from Tucson three days ago and brought my Dad along to visit.  When we went through Laguna Beach I mentioned seeing the Google car down that side street.

Today I decided to check google maps to see if I could find myself standing on the street.


  1. Julie Ray says

    That is hilarious!!!

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