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Life is a Journey, but that’s not the question.

The question is: Will we be the Master or the Slave

open road

Master the art of Living Now

A wise Doctor once told me, “Dead is for a very long time, don’t waste the time you have.”

Life is for Now, we may not be where we thought we would be; things happen, circumstances and situations change.  Most of us aren’t where we thought we would be today, here we are. We have today to make of it what we will.  We are all in the Now and Now is for living.

The past is for remembering and learning from.

The future is for planning and hope.  Something to look forward to.

But Living is what we do in the Now.

Spend all your Now time thinking about and dwelling on the past and you aren’t living now.  You aren’t making memories for the future you are taking on the role of slave to the past.

Spending all our time pressing for the future and we are a slave to our goals and what drives us.  Missing out on the joy of living each day is too high a price to pay for a future that is never what we thought it would be.

Mastering the art of living is learning from the past, planning for the future and living in the Now.

Master today and have a great day.


  1. Very enlightening and so very true……

  2. I am reflecting on your message and the marvelous “vanishing point” in your photo. Oops! That message doesn’t match…

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