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Is the time right for garlic Breath Mints ?

Garlic Fresh

Minty Fresh Breath

One thing we have noticed about eating food “rich” in garlic, if only one of us eats it, we can smell in on the others breath 10 feet away.  But, if we both eat it, we can’t smell it at all.  Interesting observation, therefore, we always make sure we eat menu items that either both have garlic or both do not.

This got me to thinking.  I’ve been wondering if the same would be true if the garlic came from a breath mint or spray.  Because when two people have garlic together you never notice bad breath.  I guess the garlic overpowers all other odors.

Minty Fresh Breath

There have been a lot of Vampire movies and Vampire TV shows the past couple of years.  Now might be a perfect time (in this economy) for a Fresh Idea with Garlic.

What do you think?

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