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I Still Read the Newspaper


Yeah, it was cold last night

I spent Friday and Saturday in Phoenix last weekend (driving home each day) at a WordPress conference called WordCamp Phoenix.  This put me a couple of days behind on my newspaper reading which I do in honor of the generation that not only still reads newspapers, but can still read a newspaper.

There are no sliders, or popups jumping at you off the page, although there are those darn stickers on the front page which always cover the thing you really want to read and pull the ink off the page or worse yet tear it when you try and remove them.

There is no Law you have to be over 50 to read a newspaper

I think the next person under 20 I find reading a newspaper in public I’m going to take out a nice shiny dime and give it them.

Yeah, that’s the kind of thing my grandfather used to say, (thought I’d throw that in for effect since I don’t expect to ever see someone under 20 reading a newspaper)

That’s right, I’ve never seen anyone under 20 reading a newspaper.  Checking the comics, Looking for movie times, clipping a coupon, or going through the Target ads on Sunday 🙂  but actually reading the newspaper, nah!  So I think I’ll be holding onto my dimes for a very long time.


  1. Dave In Tucson says

    I received this text message last night from the site:

    My 15 year old reads the sports page and the calendar section of the Times everyday!!

    Nice to know. Any others out there?

    BTW if you use the txt message area you will need to include your number number for a reply by txt.

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