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I Might be Old but I still pick up Change & Chicks

Well, I still pickup change.

a penny

Can I still buy a thought

I see this as a source of exercise (I can still bend down and touch the ground) and revenue.  I don’t care if it is a penny or a $20, I will bend over to pick it up.

I find about a dollar a week in change laying in parking lots and on sidewalks.  I’m not out looking for it either.  Yesterday at the post office there was a penny behind my car.  Next stop target, a nickle was there.  Later I found a dime.  Three bend overs and 16 cents.

I probably should keep track, but I have better things to do with my time and my change.

Last night I found a penny in the parking lot at Red Lobster.  It was heads-up, that’s supposed to be “Good Luck”.  It was, I found a penny.  Hey, a penny is a penny.

Anybody else out there finding money just laying around, even in this economy?

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