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I Love Fresh Green Beans

Fresh Green Beans

I love fresh Green Beans

I remember growing up in Ohio and a every spring we would plow the soil and put in the garden.  Green beans were always in the garden.  In the early years “before genetic manipulation” they were called “String Beans”.  When we picked and snapped them we would always have to get the “runner” or string off the spine of the bean.

Removing that string was one of the main reasons for snapping them into pieces about 2 inches long.  I know some reading this can remember having a string bean runner caught in their teeth.

Now, we don’t have those runners on the beans anymore.  But a lot of people still snap the beans out of habit or family tradition.  Personally, I like long full string beans.  I like them steamed for about 5 minutes till they turn a nice dark green and still have a slight crunch when you bite into them.

Back when they still had runners they were often cooked to death.  You know almost boiled to oblivion.  Worse were the ones in winter from a can that tasted like they were soaked in salt for a month then a little turpentine added for flavor.

Now, we go to the store and buy as many as we want almost anytime of the year.

There are no strings attached to these beans.  So much for the “Good Old Days”.  When it comes to beans I’ll take them now, long and tasty.  They provide a lot of energy.

I would have to say green beans are one of the reasons I’m not always tired in Tucson.

I’ll have to show you my garden sometime.  Or maybe not.

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