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I Buy Bulk

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My folk’s were depression kids. This meant we kids of depression kids learned a lot about making due with what you had and figuring out how to rebuke the devourer as long as humanly possible.

As I grew into my own version of adulthood I took those lessons learned in childhood and applied them to the starving preacher carrier.

There was never any job security. Retirement security, YES, job security NEVER. Therefore we never knew when we might be unemployed or how long it would take to find employment again.

Like Joseph to Pharaoh, when times are good put away something for when times aren’t so good (bad in other words). This wasn’t just putting money away for a rainy day, it was buying when things were on sale and if it wouldn’t spoil you bought 6 months to a year supply.

During one phase of life we found ourselves in ministry but living 12 miles one way from the closest store. This also meant we weren’t running to the store everyday for things. We bought a lot of groceries and supplies when we went in town, enough to last a couple of weeks or a month. Any idea how many corn dogs three hungry teenagers can eat in a week?

Now I’m no longer in “formal” ministry, the kids are all grown and gone. I live less than 2 miles to a grocery store and 4 miles to a Super Walmart. But I still buy bulk. These are lean times for many in our nation. I hope one of the skills passed to this generation is “How to Buy Bulk”.

Need any tissues a chapstick?


  1. Deja vue all over again.

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