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How To Import Contacts into a Gmail Group

I was searching for information on how to import a csv file into gmail and put those into a separate group. The information I found wasn’t very good. So I decided to make a little video on how easy it really is to import a contact list of emails into a group in your gmail account. Oh if you like this. G + is up and to the right, just click on the pretty 1. 🙂


  1. Thanks! So simple — but not if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

  2. Thanks for that
    So easy and works so well

  3. Amazing how the simplest things can be so difficult to find. Thank you!

  4. Thanks Dave, great help. Video was a great way to show how to do it:-)


  5. Marshall Cohen says

    This has been unbelievably useful, after I rooted around for a couple of hours trying to do this. The key fact, that a downloaded .csv list becomes a Group with the date as its name, is something that should be at the top of the Google Import page.

    Marshall in Baltimore

  6. Great walkthrough, thank you!

  7. Thanks for the help my friend!

  8. After 4 hours of reading , viewing and confusing, I found the piece you developed Thanks Dave !!!!!~

  9. Ellen Chadick says

    Yup, I’m new to Gmail after years of using Microsoft Outlook. So I:
    *created my CSV file (from Excel)
    *video says “then go to Gmail and I’ve already got it here”
    However, when I go to Gmail I don’t already have it there. The window shown in the video is nothing like the window I see. How do you get it to show up (I’m in Windows 7) when I go to my Gmail account? I’m just totally lost there.
    I’ve tried saving & sending the CSV file to myself – that’s the only way I know of to have it there in my gmail.
    I’ve also tried, once I have the CSV file saved, going to gmail and, under “More” choosing the “Import Contacts” option, browsing to my file, and choosing the “Import” button while I have the new group’s name highlighted (in red). This doesn’t work. Please advise. Thx!

    • Dave In Tucson says

      For those following this post. We took the response off-line and Ellen has completed her import.

      Tired Guy

  10. Excellent post that solved my simple query.. the key was that the ‘Import’ Group is created by default.


  11. Great quick video! Bad part is that is really made me miss great interface gmail use to to have. The nice visible contrast was very easy on the eyes. Thanks again!

    • Dave In Tucson says


      you can still configure the new interface to work the same as the old. Just ditch the tabs in Settings.

  12. This was a great help. Thanks for taking your time to upload this. Something so simple was so easy. Quick note for future readers my problem was I didn’t have the First Name Last Name Email tabs at the top so gmail wasn’t recognizing what and where to put things.

  13. Thank you! I had tried creating the group first and nothing seemed to happen when I imported; the group remained empty. I didn’t even notice the Imported folder. Thanks to your tutorial, I realized that the contacts had been imported but not to the group I had created. Great help!

  14. Thank you so much Dave! After spending ages trying to figure this out myself, then hunting through official Google info, it was really great to find such a clear concise tutorial and have it actually work!

  15. Hi Dave
    I wonder if you have a solution to another problem I’m having with Gmail? Do you know any way to create and easily use several signatures, eg one for personal friends, another for emails related to my jazz band, and so on? Using Settings>Labs>Canned Responses doesn’t work for me – I follow the instructions to set up and save the different signatures but they disappear the next day.
    In hope – and many thanks, Lorna

    • Dave In Tucson says


      Canned Responses is a good work around for multiple signatures. Save each signature as a canned response, then you need one select the canned response you want to use for that email and it will be inserted. Canned responses do not automatically appear like a signature, you can have many canned responses saved and insert them anytime you want anywhere in an email. I have several lists of questions I use with clients and when needed I pick the list appropriate for the client and insert the canned response.


  16. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for this short, but awesome video showing how to batch upload contacts. Well done.

  17. Hi Dave –

    I just tried doing this today in gmail and I can’t find a way to see the date contacts are imported. I’ve looked in settings and don’t see anything that would help. I’m hoping you can!


    • Dave In Tucson says


      There is no date field in contacts at all. What I do when importing is import into a group with a date in the group title Ex. Imported 2-3-2016 This way I can go to the various import groups and find what day there were brought in. You still merge the group into the main contacts list, but keep the group for reference purposes.

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