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Holy Mackrel Look at Those Tomatoes

First Fruit – Glorious Tomatoes

First Fruit Tomatoes

Get the balsamic, Yum

They are beautiful, my first born tomatoes.  There are many more on the vine; hope for some wonderful salads to come.

The birds got one of the first green tomatoes but since then they have left the crop alone.

I’m growing them in two places.  A corner planter shaded by a tree in the afternoon.  I have three plants there.

A topsy turvy hanging under the fascia of the back patio and now shaded by the new Phoenix shade sails.

A Small Harvest (This Year)

The tomatoes are small, smaller than you buy at the store, larger than cherry tomatoes.  I’ve fed them but probably not as often as I should.  It has been a delicate balancing act of enough water, shade and fertilizer.  I’ll get better at this next season.

The nice thing, I don’t think I have to wait too long for next season.  It should be here in a couple more months.

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