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Help Save the Environment – DON’T Join AARP


Save the Forest, Save the Trees, Save the Landfills

It was over 10 years ago, my folks were thrilled that I was finally old enough to join AARP.  They talked of all the benefits, they never mentioned all the junk mail that came with membership.

It seemed I was taking a wheelbarrow to the mailbox three days a week.  During one cold winter I was able to heat the house for one day a week on the junk mail I got from AARP.

When I moved to Arizona I didn’t give them my forwarding address.  I never paid for another years membership.  Even so, they found me.  It took another year for the junk mail to stop.  They really poured on the mailings to get me to “Come Back”.  Then finally they slowed to a trickle.

They’ve never completely stopped.  I get offers about once a month to get a free compass, or a free atlas of the 48 states.  Today it is a free AARP travel bag.  Along with the free travel bag offer came two free plastic almost membership cards.

Under the card it says:
It’s easy to activate your benefits.

Oh sure, like I don’t remember the flood gates my last membership opened.  It has been more than 10 years since that first membership go round.  I doubt the mailings have dropped off.

I wonder how many landfills have filled up over the past 10 years from all the AARP generated pieces of mail?  I wonder how many forests have gone into extinction because they were cut down to make a mailing for a free travel bag or compass?

Return by 4/5/2011 for your free travel bag

I’m going to shred the offer right after I scan it for this post.  Then I’m going to recycle the paper and hope someone can wipe their butt with it someday and get some real use out of the paper.  I hope they don’t chaff on the plastic cards.


  1. Mark has been receiving AARP membership offers since he was 25. They keep coming a couple of times a year. Add those numbers up over the next couple decades and that’s a lot of waste.

  2. Very funny and sadly true post. I’ve never opened one because obviously they have my age wrong but besides that I don’t care for their politics.
    p.s. landfill for sure!

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