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Grass Update – The Kind you Mow

back yard

It's getting greener

My day job has been taking more of my time this week. But, the grass keeps growing and growing. I’ve reseeded a few spots which still seem to defy sprouting. The next step might be to dig it out and replace all the soil. I’ll give it a week to see if the areas in question get smaller.

The Bermuda grass does seem to be choking out most of the weeds that took root early on.  Either that or they are weeds that can’t stand the heat of summer.  Either way they are gradually making an exit.

I added one more shade sail.  This one is an 18 feet 6 inch square. When I put it up over the patio I reconfigured the other sails.  We now have a shaded patio during most of the day.  We can sit on the swing most evenings now.  But will really begin enjoying it once the temps start to drop.

The rabbits that were invading are now too big to get under the narrow crack below the gate.  The bigger ones that tunnel, well, lots of buried pavers have caused them to give up entirely.

New shade trees and some purple flower bushes are waiting in pots for the worst of the heat to be over before they get permanent locations in the ground.

The Vincas suddenly shot up and are providing beauty all around the back yard.  My little holding area is so full of blooms I can barely see the pavers creating the border.  They too are about to be distributed around the front and back yard.  (They love the heat and don’t mind being moved at all)

For those interested in the water bill difference.  During the first month when I was watering the new seeds 8 times a day to keep them moist our water bill increased by $30.  That schedule has been cut back to twice a day and I’ll let you know what it is this next month.  My goal is an increase of no more than $10 a month.  A price I will gladly pay for the shear beauty (and cooler temperature) of our back yard.

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