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Fully Loaded Soup Is It Safe to Eat Alone

Fully Loaded Can of Soup

Fully Loaded Can of Soup

I was at a friends house a couple a weekends ago.  While around the dinner table (that’s the evening meal) the subject of soup came up.  I don’t remember why, come to think of it, why would we talk about soup?

Oh, I think it was after the second, or was it the third, glass of wine. . .  anyway, our host went to the cupboard and pulled out a can of Campbell’s Fully Loaded soup.

It was Chicken Alfredo, just like the one in the picture.  I purchased a can and took this picture.

I like the graphic design work on the can.  I like the colors and the large exploding “FULLY LOADED” coming right below CHUNKY.

This way we know it is fully loaded with lots of CHUNKY Chicken and CHUNKY Alfredos.

Now I’m left wondering, if this is FULLY LOADED are the other CHUNKY soups just CHUNKY?  Or are they just Half Loaded?  I checked the contents for calories and it seemed the CHUNKY soups were OVERLOADED compared to the FULLY LOADED soup.

Then my thoughts turned to the small concentrate cans of tomato soup and chicken noodle.  What are these, NOT CHUNKY, NOT FULLY LOADED, just watery slimy, mushy, soups we used to eat from a can and thought they were wonderful.

I don’t know.  I haven’t opened the can yet.  Will my life ever be the same after eating a can of FULLY LOADED soup.

Am I in danger of choking on the CHUNKY FULLY LOADED contents.  Is this soup safe to eat when you are home alone.  Or even if not at home, anytime you are alone.  Is FULLY LOADED soup so FULLY LOADED you have to buy a wide neck thermos to hold the soup?

Maybe I should just put it back on the shelf.  Did I mention I like the graphics on the can?

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