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Finally the Government Does Something That Makes Sense

The Economy? NO!

The Wars? NO!

Medicare? NO!

The Debt? NO!

Social Security? NO!

The Plate? YES!

The plate makes sense.  The pyramid was as hard to decipher as Egyptian Hieroglyphics on a pyramid.  When I look at the food pyramid I think, “Everyone wants to get to the top, so skip the crap at the bottom and go right to the top”.  Yeah, that’s what it means, Capture the desert, high man on the calorie count.  The Pyramid.  And all those chambers.  No doors, no way to really get at the food . . .

But yesterday, the First lady introduced us to The Plate.  Now that makes sense.  I put food on a plate.  I eat every day from a plate. (Well, almost every day)  I know what a plate of food looks like and I know how to fill a plate.  Eating from a pyramid never, ever made sense.  Not a single store sells pyramids for food.  And your fork wouldn’t fit, or stay on a pyramid.

As a diabetic, I don’t eat Fruit, it’s all sugar, it raises my blood sugar levels through the roof.  I’ll make my Veggies fill half the plate.  Grains?  Hum, I have oatmeal in the morning, but that’s in a bowl, (is this getting confusing?)  what kind of grains can I put on my plate that won’t roll off?  Protein, (another word that breaks the i before e except after c).  I like Protein, blood sugars always low after protein.  So If I want a really big steak, the plate tells me to increase the veggies and grains to make the steak 1/4 plate, I can do that.

Last I’ve got the blue circle of “Dairy”  Again, I’m left to ponder, “Is that a tub of ice cream? or cream cheese?  Maybe it is a tub of butter.  What, a glass of milk?  Oh, you’ve got to be kidding, do you have any idea how much sugar is in milk?”

If I’m going to take in Dairy, with all it’s sugar, it is going to taste a lot better than milk.  So, I’m glad The Plate, simply says Dairy.

Now I’m hungry.  Where’s my plate?  Does it have little dividers with different colors in the bottom?

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