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Fat Paper Day

Newpaper in plastic bag

Fat Paper Day in Tucson

Fat Paper Day is a way of marking time. Today in Tucson it is Fat Paper Day. Time can go by so quickly here in Tucson it is very easy to loose track of what day of the week it is.

The sky is blue, there might be a cloud the sun comes up early, it is hot, it was hot yesterday, it will be hot again tomorrow.

One thing that is different is on “Sunday” (They are all sun days in Tucson) the newspaper is in a Green wrapper and it is really FAT.

Fat Paper Day is marked by the ritual of finding a McDonalds in which to open the green bag and unfurl the paper.  The paper is read while one or two sausage egg muffins are consumed along with at least 2 cups of coffee. (that is a Sr. Coffee).

I wouldn’t say Fat Paper Day is the high point of the week.  But it is the day when time is reset and we can “kinda” know what day it is in reference to when Fat Paper Day was.

Since it hasn’t rained here in over a month I’m not sure the motivation for the green plastic bag.  (On the other days of the week it is orange).  Maybe there is a special UV coating to keep the print from fading in the sunlight.  (Yes, it is that hot and that bright.)

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